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with a buzzy main bar, semiprivate lounge and more-intimate alcove, archer’s hotel bar is a great place to begin and end your day. the welcoming space is ideal for a.m. gatherings, power lunches, social events, casual group dinners and cocktail receptions.

1,166 sq. ft. / 108 m2


main bar + alcove

the main attraction is the main bar, surrounded by 100 sparkling edison bulbs, swanky bar seats and an indescribable vibe. the alcove is a more-intimate gathering space tucked just off the main bar, ideal for up 20 guests.

368 sq. ft. / 34 m2

175 sq. ft. / 16 m2


a warmly inviting and casually cool semiprivate space with comfortable soft seating below a retro-modern chandelier, plus space for 30, ideal for sipping cocktails and sharing bites.

290 sq. ft. / 27 m2

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